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After 39 years of operation, Motorhead Ltd has closed its doors. The former location of Motorhead is now under new ownership and occupied by British Standard Motors, LLC. BSM will provide the same services as Motorhead and will be expanding the product line to include service on all makes and models of motorbikes and scooters. BSM also offers full restoration services, to include restorative metal work as well as paint and body work. Visit the new site at www.britishstandardmotors.com

Motorhead British Car Repair, Restoration, and Parts

Motorhead sells new, used, and rebuilt parts for British Cars and is a British Motor Heritage approved supplier. You can buy nearly all of your British car parts for nearly all of your British cars from us! If it's available, it's at Motorhead.

We repair and restore British cars and provide free advice and symptom diagnosis. Because our Motorhead shop installs and tests the parts we sell, we know what works, and what doesn't work.

Call us 703-573-3140 with your parts list. You can use any supplier's part numbers or just describe the parts you need or the car's symptom. Ask lots of questions and diagnose before you buy.

Motorhead Rebuilt Parts

We rebuild carburetters, engines, gearboxes, differentials, overdrives, suspensions, steering racks, driveshafts, rear axles, cylinder heads, wiper motors and nearly any other part of your British car. For rebuilt parts, please call us first at 703-573-3140

Motorhead Used Parts

In our 39 years we've taken apart over 200 rusty, road-worthless British cars (mostly MGB, Sprite/ Midget, Spitfire). Call us today at 703-573-3140 for that hard-to-find used part!

Motorhead Service

We've been repairing and restoring British cars in our full service shop for 39 years. Our workmanship is unconditionally guaranteed for 1 year. Why trust anyone else with your classic?

Motorhead Knowledge

In our 39 years we have gathered huge amounts of helpful information.. View our archives for priceless information on owning and maintaining a British car.

Why Motorhead?

1. Motorhead has a full service shop.

2. We install what we sell, so we know what works.

3. Most of our rebuilt parts are built by us with care and attention to detail. You may return any unused part at any time for any reason.

4. We will match prices for like-quality parts and so our prices are the lowest.

5. Unlimited tech help comes with all of our parts.

6. Everything we sell or repair is warrantied for 1 year.