Dear Pioneer,

Your company can contribute to a better environment. Are you more qualified than anyone else to decide which contributions you can make and support? If you believe in a cleaner future for your business and if you think that the cost of improvement is less expensive now than later, join a group who share your concern. We believe that we are smart enough go work cooperatively to satisfy our business, our community, our laws and our earth.

Let's find out for ourselves how business can learn to build its future in a world where air is clean, water is fresh and soil grows good tomatoes.

Today's Bottom line needs an adjustment for pollution control...

Waste disposal
Alternate energy

What's your company's Environmental Improvement Cost? Don't profit without it!
Join the EPB and help our Earth to survive us. Learn to count the costs of environmental decay. Decide your company's clean-up goals. Make your improvements affordable. Enjoy our world!

Inviting the clean-up... Surviving the cost.

Planetary Gears