Singer Renovation

We're renovating a 1949 Singer 4A roadster. Purchased new nearly 50 years ago, we hope to complete the project in early 2001.


The Singer is a challenging car to work on. With few U.S. examples and basically one worldwide parts supplier, the emphasis is on conservation and renewal over parts replacement.

This 28,000-mile car was dismantled some years ago and although most original pieces were retained, the body is in very poor condition. This roadster has mechanical brakes and an alleged 36 horsepower engine. We work with several colleagues for some of the renovation, including:

  • Bodywork: Manassas Quality Autobody (703) 368-5715

  • Gas tank: Loopers (301) 762-9333

  • Machining: Fairfax Auto Machine (703) 560-813

  • Parts: Trevor Cornelius (UK) 01233-758209

  • Tires & Alignment: Craven Tire (703) 536-4335

  • Towing: Pine Crest Towing (703) 729-5724


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The Club in the U.S. is at